C'mon GreenHornz, let's make a Frass Flipper! The Frass Flipper adds a little fun to the camping trip when the fish aren't biting! Tawby and GreenHornz aren't the only ones getting in on the frass blasting action!              Items needed - Tawby Tub, 1" toy capsule, rubber band or string, scissors, feathers (use your imagination little feller) and a Catalpa Leaf. Try to pick a leave that is at least 20" long and be sure to get a leave that the worms already chewed on... You don't have to have the Tawby Tub and a 1" toy capsule, you can use a ping pong ball and a bucket! See who can fill up that Tawby Tub, you make your own rules! Have Fun!

Step 1 - Remove food portion of the leaf from the stems. (Try to get a leave with a stem that is green and flexible) After a few days the Frass Flipper will dry out and you can flip that frass a lot further!  Step 2 - Tie stems to form basket, wrap with rubber band, string or braiding material. (optional: cut middle stem as shown in Step 3 after tying)Step 4 - Add bobber, toy capsule or ping pong ball. (Note: The Frass Flipper is not designed to flip catalpa worms!) Have a Frass Flipping Contest and fill that "TAWBY" Tub full!


Step 3 - Trim stems to desired size.






Step 5 - Keep having Fun!   )i(



Time for one of my favorite games; Tawby Twax! I've been drawing these table tops for as long as I can remember. Be creative and draw some of your own creations; you can use construction paper or poster board, that makes for a good 50 shot game. (1-8 players) Object: Be the first player to reach the Catalpa Leaf. How to play: Start with your pencil or marker on the tip of the arrow, it is your choice which direction you take, all players can start from the same arrow and travel in the same direction, it  is your choice. Close your eyes and start penciling your way through the maze, once you run out of bounds your fellow competitor can say stop; your turn is now over.  Players rotate turns and you must have your eyes closed or covered when penciling.  If your penciling crosses into the green portion of the maze then your turn is over, it is deemed out of bounds. Your next shot starts exactly where you first hit the boundary on your previous turn. Your fellow competitor is the referee and visa versa. Good luck, have fun and be honest!

    Frass Flipping Fun!  Keep score on the frame  Table Top 11 Frass Blasting Fun!  Race your friend and see who gets to the catalpa leaf first    Tawby ToezTable Top Ten is Frass Flipping Fn!  Keep score on the table frame  Tawby Twax Table 7  Table Top 8 

   Keep score on the table frame  Table 9  Tawby Twax 12  Tawby Twax 13   

Have fun GreenHornz!


 Let's be creative! See how many characters you can design...

The KatawbaWormz Logo                                 Print out Pattern Page for 7 logo pieces! Rearrange the logo pieces to create more characters!

The Frass Force character designs come from rearranging the KatawbaWormz logo.  minimum 3 logo pieces to create characters. How many can you create?

Dagger WingzLittle LauncherzFrosted FlasherzClapperzGreen Grass DartzPepper PooperzLeaf WingzSpuddlerzFaMunderzLunar PooperzLunazPaPa SquatzPaddle PooperzParagon PooperzPalm PooperzPivot PooperzFlash PooperzSandhill SkipperzSilver StingerzTwisted TailzTunnlerzVestalzViolet RayzWhite FurculazWally WisherzCopper HopperzCross WhitezFesToonzFlapper PapperzTiger TailsGrey HornzHackle BackerzLady LooperzLittle BeanerzPaPaYa PooperzLittle SnifferzLittle TriggerzLittle WhiskerzPatty PooperzOne EyezPaBa PooperzPackage PooperzPad PooperzPadded PooperzCross WingzDweablezPainted PooperzPitter PatterzPanama PooperzPanga PooperzScoop WingzParachute PooperzPacific SilverzLittle StickerzParallel PooperzJingo JumperzPart Time PooperzLittle SulphurzPaste PooperzPatriot PooperzPellet PooperzPatter PooperzPearl PooperzPesky PooperzPrime PooperzPickle PooperzPlaster PooperzPowder PooperzPaPaGo PooperzRuby EyezFurry FlapperzSmellerzStingerzTropper PooperzWood WhitezHooper PooperzLazy LooperzPatrol PooperzTriple TipzTube TwisterzTwo TonezZoomerzBowWowzBaby BufferzPile PooperzBrowneyzBlezazCockaDoozCondo TotemzDoodlezDrooperzFlapPapperzFlatterPapperzFlurrzFourHornzFrizzle FlapperzHutzLeaf JumperzMee KnowzMirror MarzPango MangozPointing PooperzPoly PoidzPortable PooperzPulverizing PooperzSand SnapperzScoop A PoopzExtenderzSilver StankerzSnooperzTaTaTotemzTater HaterzTear DropperzTiny TacklerzTommyToezTriPooPankerzWide EyezWisky WingzWormelzBig TonguezJeanelzJumbo JiggerzLittle TaterzOne WayzPaddle FooterzPossum PooperzTwo TonguezBoingeyzBungo BillzChomperzDropperzFuuderzLittle WingerzMee MawzNoGoezPolerzReversalzSpudderzSpudsterzSunyzSwabulzLittle WingzTwexalzSpotterz