100 % Pure    Catalpa Worms    For Sale

Catawba Worms for Sale! Fat Catalpa Worms for Sale!

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  Gann Land Catalpa Worms for Sale!

Please be advised: If you intend to use the little fellers for fishing the end of your rod may experience a tremendous jerking sensation!
Online order coming soon!
a can of frass

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Live/Frozen Catalpa Worms for Sale!                                                                        Catalpa Trees for Sale      
Frassologists package Catalpa Worms into bubble gum vending machine capsules and you can too! Grab a hand full or a Tawby Tub full! The Frozen Frass Force cocoons can be placed in your cooler and they help keep the Frass off of your hands while you bait the hook. Large capsules containing between 6-8 catalpa worms are also available: Great for baiting trot lines!
Packaging solutions for the "Tawby Farmer"
Our Products:  
100 % Pure Catalpa Worms - Live/Frozen   (Catalpa Trees)
  "Tawby Worm Tackle Tub"  Keep your live or frozen Catalpas in the 32oz "Glow in the Dark" Tawby Worm Tackle Tub!  (Includes re-usable packaging capsules)
Tawby Worm Tackle Tub 32oz           The Frozen Frass Force!        

 The KatawbaWormz insulated cooler has a zipper lid, front storage pocket, carrying strap and is water tight.  Packages two 32oz. Tawby Worm Tackle Tub's!
      KatawbaWormz Cooler                                                                              The Frass Blaster
(Tawby TNT)   The Frass Blaster - Make your own Frass Gas and bring the fish in for a closer look.

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