Kelsey making tawby's
hey  y'all.. I'm Kelsey Jones :] I have hand tied some "Tawby" wormz , so go check them out thanks- Kelsey =]



Tawby Worm Patterns:
Eagle Claw # 2/0 hooks; thorax and body are tied with premium braiding material manufactured in the USA.
Tied in Mississippi!

When the fish aren't biting! Golf practice...
In her younger years, Kelsey had a unique way of driving the bobber!

If the fish ain't biting!
 Twigglerz (bk yel)

Tawby Tankerz (bk yel)

Tawby Twigglerz (bk gr)

Tawby Tankerz (bk gr)








Kelsey Jones

 Kelsey holds a caterpillar pooping contest in Texas!

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