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Find Reward Avoiding Stinky Situations!


Frass Facts
Jay BobzHi GreenHornz! I'm called JayBobz! I would hate to see you tangled in this briar patch. Many Little Ones have fallen to the power of this drug and I want you to know the Frass Facts before this Parastoid sneaks up and bites you on the buttocks.....Like the black sky; so is the hold of this great Parastoid. If this great power has a hold on you then head to the toilet and Flush that FRASS! Flush that FRASS! Flush that FRASS!
Form -  Capsules and Tablets Factoidz - Prescription Sedatives (Thousands of different kinds)
Reaction - Deep Depression and Suicide, tolerances develop fast causing a need of higher doses to get HIGH. Affects -  Central Nervous System
Appearance - Multi-Colored Cost-
Street Name - Barbs, Yellow Jackets, Red Devils To Use -  Swallowed or Injected
Side Effects - Slows down body/mind, Irritability, dizziness and seizures. Symptons - Difficulty concentrating, drunk appearance, poor judgment, clumsiness, sleepy, slurred speech and contracted pupils.

 Illegal Drugs: Hey GreenHornz! Have you ever heard the saying that life is like a box of chocolates? Doing illegal drugs is like a box of chocolates too! You never know for sure what you are going to get. So, if you make the decision to do illegal drugs, I want you to remember that the drug might be contaminated with a substance that could cause your lungs to tighten up to the point that you stop breathing. Or, it could be contaminated with a chemical that causes your heart to explode. You might get lucky and hook up with some of the good stuff, hmmm! Did you know that the good stuff can cause you to lose your focus on the things that are important in life....So, I guess it's not really good stuff after all, is it? Oh, I almost forgot, if you happen to have it in your possession, you might get the chance to spend some time with Bubba. Bubba is the big dude in jail that would love to get to know you better.  GreenHornz, I know that you can stand tall and fight the good fight against the Parastoidz of our eco-system. One of your big struggles is that "everybody" does it. Well GreenHornz, you are not everybody else, you are an individual that has the power of choice and you can control that.

Felony's Remain After Serving Sentence!

Frass Facts
Little Launcherz Hi GreenHornz! I'm called Little Launcherz! I want to teach you about this very dangerous and addictive drug. Meth users teeth usually rot out real fast and the user shrivels up like a prune because the drug prevents the body from desiring food! They usually have a distinctive stank from all of the farting caused by this drug! Many little ones end up stealing from family and friends to get money for this drug.....So, Help someone in need and avoid doing speed.
Form - Tablets, Capsules, Powder and Chunks Factoidz - The poor mans cocaine
Reaction - Deep depression and potential suicide Affects -   Central Nervous System
Appearance - Clear/White crystalline substance Cost - $75 Gram
Street Name - Speed, Crank, Crystal-Meth, Glass and Meth (Over 100 street names for Meth) To Use - Smoked, Snorted, Injected, Swallowed
Side Effects - Extremely addictive, Seizures, brain damage, stroke and paranoia Symptons - Sleeplessness, weight loss, high body temperature

Power of the Mind: Hey GreenHornz! A Doctor says you are what you eat and a Psychologists says you are what you think. With that said, if your mind is polluted by the power of the Parastoidz then chances are you are not thinking with a clear mind. The illusion created from the Parastoidz will eventually convince you that you are worthless or that you do not have special abilities. Many Parastoidz have polluted the minds of thousands through-out the eco-system and often people decide to take an extreme avenue to end the illusion.

Drug-Inhalants (Glue, Vapors and Aerosols)
Frass Facts
Tawby ToezHi GreenHornz! I'm Frassologists Tawby Toez and I want you to be aware  that this form of getting HIGH can cause death the very first time that you use this method. As a matter of fact, I can't hardly breathe when someone uses Hair Spray. And the thought of you wasting your life because you were sniffing fumes from a can makes me sad. So, do yourself a favor, sniff flowers not aerosol powers.
Form -  Substances, Fumes Factoidz -Inhalants cause Irreversible physical and mental damage (Death can occur from first Use)
Reaction - Suffocation, Choking and Heart Attack Affects -  Brain, Heart, Liver, and Kidneys
Appearance - Ordinary household products (Model Glue, Nail Polish Remover and Hair Spray) Cost - A few dollars can put you six foot under
Street Name - Poppers, Laughing Gas and Rush To Use -  Huffed, Sniffed
Side Effects - Brain Damage, High Heart Rate, Spasms, Nausea, Nosebleeds and Death Symptons - Anxiety, watered eyes, rashes around nose and mouth, irritable, headaches drowsiness and a lot of missing aerosol cans.


Drug-Hallucinogens LSD/PCP
Frass Facts
Pepper PooperzHi GreenHornz! I'm called Pepper Pooperz! Users of this drug go on what they call a TRIP, that is another word for getting HIGH...It will make you see a fly pulling a dump truck up a pile of frass a mile high. This is not the kind of trip that you need to go on. Often the user feels like a killing machine with super strength. Unfortunately some users never return from their TRIP and they are a basket case for the rest of their life. The thought of you losing your mind to this drug makes me sad. So, go ahead and do a flip before you decide to take a TRIP.
Form -  Blotter Paper, Tablets and Powder Factoidz - Flashbacks can occur more than a year after use and it is the most potent hallucinogen
Reaction - High Heart Rate, Dramatic mood swings and Violence. Affects - Unpredictable, Can last for weeks, Psychotic behavior
Appearance -  Little squares of paper with colorful designs Cost - $5-$20 for a "Hit"
Street Name - PCP, Angel Dust, Purple Haze, Hydro and Acid To Use -  Smoked, Swallow, Snorted, Injected (Liquid can be put into eyes)
Side Effects - Hallucinations, Paranoia, Aggressiveness,  Psychosis, Convulsions, Coma and Respiratory Arrest. Symptons - Aggression, dilated pupils, paranoia, hallucinations, mood changes, slurred speech and confusion.

Dont be a Knuckle-Head GreenHornz: Learn the Frass and Frass Facts before you turn your self over to the power of Addiction...Addiction is a powerful Parastoid that appears in many forms and they have engulfed millions of little ones across the Eco-System.........The reality of addiction is present on our walk and even good people are getting blasted by the Parastoidz.  Most addictions cause GreenHornz to have illusions regarding the substance instead of the reality.  The first step is telling someone that you need a little help. Say a prayer, again and again and again! It's okay to do this, that is how you start the process to combat the Parastoidz. Most people are fooled by the illusion and do not admit that they have a problem. Unfortunately, people who are not willing to admit that they are addicted continue to be infected with the Parastoidz. So, Stand Tall GreenHornz and seek it with all of your heart, soul and mind.....The Power to flush that FRASS is available! 

Frequent Refer Ain't So Smart!

Drug- Marijuana
Frass Facts
Multi MuncherzHi GreenHornz! I'm called Multi Muncherz and I'm going to teach you the Frass Facts about smoking the Big Fat One! If you think Pot does not cause damage to your body and you are a user, then look in the mirror, stick your tongue out as far as you can and look at the funk stuck on the back of your tongue. Now, that is some STANK! A lot of drug users start with Pot, then they end up trying other drugs.
Form - Leaves or Buds from the Hemp Plant Factoidz - Teens who smoke weed usually end up trying other drugs, Contains Carbon Monoxide and Tar
Reaction - Slower reaction time referred to as Chilling Affects - The memory of the brain and Lungs
Appearance - Green and Grayish Cost - Drug Dealers sale a nickel bag for $5
Street Name - Big Fat One, Grass, Doobie and Weed To Use - Smoke or Eat
Side Effects - Decreases learning and memory abilities, Paranoia, Chest Colds and Phlegm Symptons - Dry Mouth, Red Eyes, a case of the stupids


Frass Facts
Trooper Pooperz Hi GreenHornz! I'm called Trooper Pooperz and I want to give you the scoop on this poop called Heroin. This is a drug that will take you out of the Eco-System in just a few heart beats. It is highly addictive and comes from the opium poppy plant that provides morphine. Users will do whatever it takes to get money for this drug. 
Reaction - Crave for More (Highly Addictive) Affects - Clogs veins, Ruins Your Brain and the Way You Think
Appearance -  Liquid (Usually a Yellowish or Light Color) and Powder (Usually White or Dark Colored) Cost - 1 lb of Pure Heroin = 11 lb of U.S. $100 Bills
Street Name - Smack, Big H, White Horse, Bin Laden To use - Usually Injected, But May be Sniffed or Smoked
Side Effects - Collapsing Veins, HIV AIDS (if you share a needle), Vomiting, Infections from Bacterium Symptons - Twitching, loss of appetite, needle marks, vomiting, sweating, inconsistent sleeping and contracted pupils.

Don't be a Cracker-Head GreenHornz!: How many little ones have left the eco-system because of drunk driving? Drunk drivers are like a swarm of non evasive parastoidz and it's ripping across America at alarming rates...GreenHornz, you be sure and buckle up and be on the look out for drunk drivers while your driving. Alcohol is a legal drug that makes you do things that you don't remember. It gives you enough courage to do something stupid so DON'T DRIVE DRUNK YOU OR A NEIGHBOR MIGHT END UP IN THE TRUNK!

Drug- Alcohol
Frass Facts
Goozle Giggerz  Hi GreenHornz! I'm called Goozle Giggerz and you must be aware of this pile of poop that is practically available for every American. I'm sure you've seen all of the "cool" television advertisements showing how cool it is to be a Drinker. Thousands of Little Ones have died from drunk driving and several have made bad decisions while intoxicated that affected their life and the lives of others in a very negative way. So, Avoid a little bad luck by not becoming a Drunk. FLUSH that FRASS!
Form - Liquid Factoidz - Alcoholism is a fatal disease.
Reaction - Affects -  
Arrest - Cost -
Street Name - Swig, 40, a cold one, brewsky To Use - Drink
Side Effects - Symptons -


Frass Facts
Little Snifferz Hi GreenHornz! I'm called Little Snifferz and I want you to know that this drug can cause a heart attack the first time you use it. Little Ones all across the land sale everything they have  to get this drug and after that they will do whatever it takes to get money to support their habit. So, Avoid the pain by not doing Cocaine.
Form Powder (Often mixed with other unknown substances) Chunks and Rocks Factoidz - Cocaine's Chemical Compound is C17H21NO4
Reaction - Rapid heartbeat, strokes Affects - Central Nervous System
Appearance - White Powder , White Chunks Cost - $75 Gram
Street Name - Snow, Coke, Crack, To Use -  Snort, Swallow, Smoked, Injected
Side Effects - Chest Pains, Bleeding, Cardiac Arrest, Death Symptons - Grinding of teeth, red nose, sniffling, loss of appetite, no sleep, excessive talking, dilated pupils, weight loss and dry mouth.

Frass Facts
Mee KnowzBLAST that FRASS!
Form -  Tablets, Liquid or Powder Factoidz - Parastoidz use the drug to sedate girls for sex, comes from the Sassafras tree
Reaction - Desire for sex, Sweating, Psychological Difficulties Affects -   Central Nervous System, Heart, Brain
Appearance -  Embossed Tablets with designs Cost -
Street Name - Club Drug, Hug Drug, Disco Burgers, White Dove To Use - Swallow, Snort, Smoke (Injected will cause veins to clog)
Side Effects - Distorted Perceptions, Depression, Anxiety, Confusion, Fast Heartbeat, and Death Symptons - Enhanced Sensations, Weight loss, Confusion, Paranoia and Depression


Drug- Tobacco
Frass Facts
Little BudzFLIP that FRASS!                      
Form - Rolled in paper with glue, dip is stored in cans and plastics Factoidz - Smoking causes lung cancer, Dipping causes mouth cancer and tooth deacay
Reaction - Satisfaction for the moment Affects -  Lungs and Gums
Appearance - Cost - A few bucks
Street Name - cig, puff, smoke, chew, dip To Use - Smoke, Chew
Side Effects - Heart Disease, Lung Cancer Symptons - Yellow teeth

Face Reality And Seek Salvation!

Hey GreenHornz! If the Parastoidz great power has a hold on you then it is past time for you to Flush that Frass. All of the Frassologists are pulling for you! It's time to jump off that leaf, spread those wings and be FRASS FREE!       

      Master Frasser certification

Don't drive drunk, you or a neighbor might end up in the trunk!

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