Life on the Leaf w/Tawby Worm!

 Artwork by Garret Jones - Olive Branch, MS

Hello!  My name is Tawby. Tawby! What kind of a name is that! It's a southern name, thank you very much! What is your name? My name is GreenHornz! Is this your first time on the leaf GreenHornz? Yes! Right on little dude, congratulations and GOOD LUCK! Why did you say it like THAT? Why will I need good luck? Well GreenHornz, it's like this dude. You and I are what Frassologists call catalpa worms and we live in a continuous cycle of transformation and we become a small winged creature called a Sphinx. What's a Sphinx? I can't describe it little feller, you're gonna have to wait and see it to believe it. In only fourteen moons you will be as big as I am and not too many moons from now I will be flying around the leaves of the Catalpa trees throughout the entire Valley, instead of crawling.. How do I get that big? C'mon Tawby, tell me, how do I get that big? You see all of that green candy hanging from the tree branches? I see em Tawby.  Good, they are called leaves, now start eating them as fast as you can. Consider that lesson one! What ya waiting for little dude, quit wasting time and get to eating those leaves. Chomp! Chomp! Chomp! Chomp! Yumser scoodle snackers! Mmmm! This must  be the best candy in the Eco-System exclaimed GreenHornz! Chomp! Chomp! Chomp! Chomp! Tawby, what happens when we turn into a Sphinx? Your not fat enough to launch frass with the KatawbaWormz! KatawbaWormz! Frass! What are you talking about Tawby? shhhhh, listen....

Tawby Worm blasting a little Frass


Keep your eyes open GreenHornz, your fixing to find out what FRASS BLASTING is all about. Status on the leaf just went to GREEN. The frass lands are being invaded by the non-natives; they gobble up little fellers in a hurry and they drill holes in the fat catalpa worms and lay their eggs inside of us, once inserted, we can't stop them from growing and that's not the way you want to end a cycle but it happens to the best worms on the tree. Frassologists at the Out-House dispatched the Frass Blasting Force and they should land on the leaves any second. Don't let go of that leaf GreenHornz and don't stop munching that candy! WHAT IS THAT? They're called Whisperz and they are going to do some serious chomping on the little fellers. After their afternoon snack they'll take some of us to a place called the Nest. All of the worms on the leaf live by a creed, what goes on in the Nest, stays in the Nest. What is all of that buzzing noise, why is it getting louder? It's getting louder because the swarm is getting closer. Tawby, why are you blowing your stomach up like a large balloon? Because I'm fixing to Blast a little Frass! I have the ability to increase my blood pressure this MUCH!  Can I do that, how do I do that? C'mon Tawby, tell me how to blow my stomach up like you. Chill out little feller, I'll give you the scoop on all the poop. First, close your mouth GreenHornz, now blow as hard as you can. Did you feel that? Yes, my buttocks wiggled a little bit. Congrats GreenHornz! You discovered the second step needed to survive on the leaf.   Look GreenHornz, between the two limbs.  BaaM! BaaM! Did I see what I saw? Did you just blow dodo all over that dude? Roger that GreenHornz! 100% pure catalpa worm poop; my burner barrel blaster. How did you like that? That has to be the grossest thing I have ever seen, but effective! It's only the beginning GreenHornz, you are crawling on a never ending frass blasting adventure, the dawn of a new stanking adventure is here!  Why are the worms with black strips climbing to the top side of the leaf, Tawby? They go to the top of the leaf to protect you. They have earned their stripes and are honored to battle the non native Parastoidz. Start rocking your head back and forth, now take four bites as fast as you can, as you rock back swallow, again, rock to the leaf and take four bites as fast as you can, as you rock back swallow, again and again and again...this is called the Catalpango. You have to feel the rhythm GreenHornz! Baam! Baam! Baam! Baam! That was close, great shooting Tawby! Keep munching those leaves little dude, they will build the muscles you need to climb to the top of the leaf. Look over their GreenHornz, you see that fat daddy climbing on the branch? Yes! Wow! Look at how he moves up the branch, that my boy is a smooth smooth catalpa worm. Keep on Rocking GreenHornz! By the time you earn your stripes you will be chewing 66 bites in the same amount of time that it takes you to chew four and you will have a lot more wiggle in your crawl. You can use your blood pressure to push the leaves into the frass sack after you swallow. When the frass sack is full you will have earned your stripes, then you will be strong enough to use that blood pressure to blast some real Frass.  Don't stop rocking and don't stop chewing! One thing is certain on the leaf GreenHornz, no matter how many times you cycle, and it may be 16 years before you transform into a Sphinx, catalpa worms are the coolest dudes on the leaves. So, strut your stuff and wiggle those stripes. Well GreenHornz! Doodie calls! I'm going to the top of the leaves to fling a little frass with the KatawbaWormz and enjoy this Frass Blasting adventure. I'll see you on the flip side! I want to see the KatawbaWormz shouted GreenHornz!!! (Hours later) Hmmm! Now where did GreenHornz end up? GreenHornz! Hey little feller, your not looking too good. What happened? Some big dude with a white face and giant wings took my frass sack, he landed right here and smiled real big, then he bit off my buttocks, turned and smiled again. He said that he would be back in a little while and then he jumped into the sky. Why can't I jump into the sky like he did? They took so many of the striped ones! What are we going to do Tawby? Take it easy little feller, everything is going to be okay.

FRASS CON-ALERT! FRASS-CON-ALERT! (pale green)         


Recess GreenHornz! That is what we are going to do and lots of it. Didn't you hear the alert sounded by the Frassologists? Yes. Status on the leaf is pale GREEN! One thing you can count on while living on the leaf is that we are on recess 24 hours a day.  But, what about that big dude? Don't get too excited GreenHornz. Did you feel anything when that big dude bit into your buttocks? Nope! Okay, then it's time for you to enjoy the adventure. When he comes back, I want you to spray him with your Frass Gas. FRASS GAS! What is, oh I see what it is, or should I say I smell what it is. Bingo! We have a Frasser in the Out-House! Here GreenHornz, Smell This! Flrrrrrrp! Dude! That is rank! Baam! Baam! Baam! Baam! Nice shooting Tawby! Look at it on the bright side GreenHornz, you ain't in the Nest. And, I'm guessing that big dude won't have the chance to gobble you up after all, the picnic ants are already on the limbs and marching this way. They like to pick up any remaining leftovers on the leaves. Well Green One, it's time for me to go back up top, Hang in there! Get It! Hang in there! After this Frass-Con I want to hear all about your first adventure on the leaf. Four moons later, Hmmm! Now where did that little feller end up this time?  GreenHornz! Tawby! TAWBY, dude, your so long and fat and you have the coolest stripes. Thank you GreenHornz, I must admit that I'm mighty proud of my stripes.  How many bites can you eat in one second? I'm up to 64 bites, said Tawby. 64! That is too cool! I bet your blasting your frass further. You got that, and a lot more of it. Get a load of this, BaaaaaaaaaM! BaaaaaaaaaM! BaaaaaaaaaM! BaaaaaaaaaM! BaaaaaaaaaM! BaaaaaaaaaM! BaaaaaaaaaM!  That's my version of a military barrel blast, guaranteed to blast frass up to 70 leaves! When I get my stripes, I want to frass like you Tawby! Don't worry GreenHornz, eventually you will be a big time Frasser. Now, tell me about your first adventure GreenHornz! Well, after you left me hanging! The picnic ants formed a circle around me, they were making fun of me and calling me little Tawby.  I've been down that limb many times little dude, said Tawby! I thought I was ant meat, said GreenHornz! I would have been if that big dude hadn't come back for the rest of his afternoon snack. He was delighted to see all of the ants on the leaf, so he carried four of them away. What a break for me! The rest of them scattered down the tree in a hurry, except for one feller. He told me his name was Scout and that I was safe, at least for two more moons. I asked him why only two moons, he said, that's when the clouds will come, we'll wait to eat you then! Great, here I am hanging upside down on the bottom of a leaf, talking with Scout who plans to eat me in two moons and a big dude that plans to chomp on my buttocks some more. I hope your enjoying hearing about my first frass flinging adventure Tawby, or should I call you Fat One? BaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmMMMM! Dude, I was only kidding!


Sorry GreenHornz, didn't mean to put you six barrels under, but your setting this one out! It's time for you to play a little hide and seek with these non-natives. So, stick your head back down in that pile of Frass before they land on the leaves. You've got to be kidding me, I'm hiding in a pile of your poop! I can't wait to get my stripes! C'mon Tawby, let me out of this pile of frass! I want to see the KatawbaWormz frass blasting action! Okay little dude, you can play a little peek-a-boo and watch some of the frass blasting, just keep at least knee deep in that frass! Status on the leaf is puke green. The leaves are fixing to be covered with catalpa worm puke. When the non natives land on the leaves they will become one with the leaf, it's a pretty cool frass trap.  It's our peace offering to the Speckled Spiders that crawl on the leaf. In return, they leave our little ones unharmed and combat the non native spiders looking to munch on the little fellers.  Hours later. Hmmm, Hmmm, Hmmm? So many piles of frass! Where is that little dude? GreenHornz! GREENHORNZ! GREENHORNZ! 


  Hello I'm GreenHornz, who are you? LaMuleDaMor is my name, welcome to Nick-A-Jack Lake! The Speckled Spiders are at your service little feller. Are you going to chomp on my buttocks? No little dude, I'm not going to munch on your buttocks, I'm going to take you back to Gann Land unless you want to ride the river down to the Alabama Mtns. No thanks, I want to get back to Tawby, he's gonna teach me how to blast my Frass, I wanna turn into a Sphinx and go help the KatawbaWormz. LOL!  You ended up on the wrong tree but at the right time, little dude!  Were gonna get you around Mullins Cove and back to Gann Land in four moons. How? First we can climb this cool willow tree, once on top we can jump onto the river barge and make the ride upstream to Lookout Mtn and get you back to Gann Land. Crawl your little rump up on my back and make sure you that you leave all of that frass on the leaf! One thing for sure, you catalpa worms sure can fling a little frass. Yeah, when I get my stripes I'll be blasting my frass just like Tawby. That's right GreenHornz! And, when your time comes, you will be able to blast Frass like Gerbo Gann. Who is Gerbo Gann? You mean to tell me that your a catalpa worm and you do not know Gerbo Gann? This is my first week on the leaf, Big Dude! Little Dude, he is the fastest Sphinx in the Eco-System! If you want to hang out with the Big Katz, you gotta learn to frass on the tall trees. We are going to help you on this great journey through the leaves so hold on little dude. Thanks, LaMoodeemore! LaMuleDaMor, my name is LaMuleDaMor. So, how did you end up covered with frass? Tawby covered me good when I called him Fat One. I had to play hide and seek in a large pile of poop! The next thing I know, I'm captive to a blue bird. I guess I got lucky when I landed in your web, thanks for taking me back to Gann Land. When I get my stripes I'm going to get Tawby back with a little frass blasting of my own. (After two moons of crawling, climbing, free-falling, floating and one train ride Tawby reaches the valley.....) Look GreenHornz, it's Tawby! Tawby, what happened to you? Ol Hermon decided to do a little fishing this morning and I made it into the tub. Well, remind me to stay out of that tub because you are one messy catalpa and your frass pack is missing. Yeah, but I landed a 14 lb trout and that is the new record on the leaf!   Tawby is The Worm, Tawby is the Worm, Tawby is the Worm shouted the Frass Force! What's a trout said GreenHornz? Lol- You'll find out soon enough Green One. Well GreenHornz, the next time I see you, if you make it, you will have your strips. Hang out with Lance now, he will show you the ropes until I cycle again. You dudes go ahead and call the Pooper Scoopers, another frass flinging adventure comes to an end for me.  I'll see you dudes in a few moons! Away goes Tawby!

Follow this limb to Frass Blasting 101 - "Tawby Style"  The dawn of a new stanking adventure is here!


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