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Better pull them waders up GreenHornz, the frass is fixing to get a little bit deeper!

C'mon Tawby! Let's fill that Tawby Tub up, it's been three moons, said Lance. Why is it called the Tawby Tub asked GreenHornz? Cause Tawby holds the record for the biggest catfish! Dude, said Tawby, my buttocks are almost as dry as this leaf! There ain't gonna be no Frass Blasting 101 going on round here if we don't get some rain soon! Yeah, I know! The leaves are already turning yeller. Hey Tawby, said GreenHornz, I cant swallow, the leaves are hard and I can't poop! Well Cuz! Looks like we'll have to wait another moon or two to fill that "TAWBY" tub. We gotta make our way across the hardball and get down to burnt mill creek tonight! What's burnt mill creek shouted GreenHornz? It's time to wake the Frass Force, sound that alert Cuz.  Frass-Con Alert! Frass-Con Alert! G' Morning my fellow Frass Flingers!  Howdeeeee! I do regret to announce that we will be leaving the tree! Word on the leaf is not good! Most of  us must crawl immediately. If we don't make it to the leaves in 4 moons then this Frass Blasting adventure will be over for at least 728 moons. That's a long time to be out of the tree said GreenHornz. All Frass Blasterz, shouted Tawby, with more than 8 stripes must cling to the leaf, the rest of you are headed to Gunter's Mtn. We will find some trees that are planted close to the river banks!  Good luck Frass Blasterz! Ready Lance? Yep! THREE, JUMP screamed Tawby!  Yeeeeehaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww! ...on the ground...Hey Cuz, everybody okay! Were good! Time to show the little feller how to ride the Frass Flapperz. What's the Frass Flapperz Lance? You'll see soon enough little dude and I got your back again on this one. Well Cuz, if were going down for a few hundred moons we might as well go down in style said Lance! Yeah, we are the coolest dudes on the leaf! Time to do a little surfing, Tawby style! What's surfing said GreenHornz? ...after hours of crawling and a few hundred questions from GreenHornz, the Frass Force reaches the hardball that separates them from the creek...Well, fellow Flingerz, we'll be a permanent fixture on the highway if we cross in this heat. We best wait till sun-down when it cools off...hours later...C'mon Flingerz, let's crawl...Are we there yet said Tawby? Lol! Wow said GreenHornz, this tree is much bigger than our tree. C'mon fellers, let's get up this tree as fast possible and keep your eyes out for those Wiltz, they inhabit these kind of trees. I was hoping to avoid a little combat on the leaf tonight. Surprise! shouted the Gypsy Queen! Hi Tawby! Word on the leaf gets around pretty quick, we've been expecting you Flingerz. Do you mind if we carve a few frass flappers out of the leaves on the overhanging limbs? Tawby, you and the boys carve away. Thanks G! Gotta crawl now. Why are we crawling on this kind of tree Tawby? This is called an Oak tree GreenHornz! We're going to crawl out on that limb that stretches over the water. Once there, we chew out a frass flapper from the leaf and drop down to the creek. Then, surfs up little dude! Fellow Flingerz, partner up with somebody and don't let go of that leaf! The creek will take us down to the Tennessee River, from there we should have a clear shot to the Alabama Mountain and all of the candy you can eat GreenHornz! Yeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwww! Chomp! Chomp! Spit! Chomp! Chomp! Spit! Chomp! Chomp! Spit! (Go Tawby! Go Tawby! Hey! Hey! Go Tawby, saig G!)...Check out my new ride little dude! What ya going to do with that, said GreenHornz? Hey fellow Flingerz, think I'll catch a few tubes on this or what, said Tawby? 4,3, Chomp! Chomp! 2,1 Spit! Later Dudes! Chomp! Yehaaaaawwwwwwwww. -------SPLASH---------Let's go Lance, cmon, Tawby's gone!---Ah, Lance, I hate to ask another question but what is Tawby doing? He's surfing little feller! Cool! Chomp! Chomp! Spit! I wanna be able to surf like Tawby, cmon Lance, lets go! Chomp! Chomp! Spit! Chomp! What's taking so long, cmon Lan--whoa-------SPLASH---minutes later, now where is that little dude? tbc

Tawby Worm and Lance float the Mississippi!

Catalpa worms by Garret Jones

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