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Our first Caterpillar Pooping Contest was held June 2006 in Scroggins Texas. We still have frass in the back of the trailer from that trip!

Caterpillar Pooping Contest! 
Kelsey Poo and Carla Catawba... 
Carla Catawba yelled Kelsey Poo Poo, lets have a pooping contest!  Okay, but what are the rules?  Carla replied, we fling one pellet at a time and we have to take turns. First one to hit a car three times wins. Okay Kelsey Poo, I get to go first, declared Carla Catawba. That's not fair said Kelsey Poo Poo, we should flip for it. Well, if you don't let me go first then I'm not playing replied Carla Catawba. Okay, said Poo Poo, you can go first. Here comes the first moving target!  I get to go first cried Carla Catalpa. BAAM! That is one point for Carla Catawba.  That is no surprise to me because I knew I wouldn't miss, she boasted. Great shot said Kelsey!  Well Kelsey Poo Poo your up next, let's see if you can match that.  They sat in the tree on the greenest leaf waiting for another moving target. I see one, I see one, shouted Kelsey Poo Poo.  She moved to the edge of the leaf to aim and fire, just as soon as...O NO! Carla Catawba jumped on the leaf and caused Kelsey Poo Poo to miss her first shot. That's not fair said Poo Poo! That should be a one pellet penalty. Ha-ha, you missed said Carla Catawba. I missed because you cheated! Carla Catawba is in the lead by one point.  Again, they sat in the tree munching on a leaf until another car came.  As soon as one came, BULL'S EYE!  Carla Catawba hit one again to remain in the lead at 2 to 0. "Ha-ha" she said boasting in Kelsey Poo Poo's face. I'm going to win, and your not.  Kelsey Poo Poo became sad because she knew Carla Catawba was probably right. Well it is my turn, here goes nothing, said Kelsey hoping she would get lucky.  KaPow!  Its 2 to 1 now!  Kelsey Poo Poo may still have a chance.  It is back to Carla again, and all she has to do is hit this car to win.  The car comes down the road flying way over the speed limit.  The driver of this car is drunk!  He is swerving all over the road and out of his lane.  Because of this it will make it difficult for Carla Catawba to hit the car.  Fling!  And she missed! Kelsey Poo Poo, trying to be a good sport, only smiled and did not boast.  Kelsey Poo Poo hit her second car when it was her turn, tying the score up at 2 to 2.  This is going to be a close one!  Carla Catawba, still complaining about how her last turn was unfair, misses again because she was not focused on what mattered and was caught up in other things.  Kelsey Poo Poo has to nail her last shot to defeat Carla Catawba in their contest.  BOOM!  She pegged the car with her frass to take a victory.  Instead of bragging like Carla Catawba would have done, she was a good sport and told Carla Catawba "good game."  She was a real winner.

TawbyWorm and GreenHornz have a Frass Blasting Contest!

Let's go show those girls how to launch some real Frass! Yeah, that sure beats hanging upside down, lets go! It looks like we have about 40 more leaves to climb before we get to the top. This sure is fun Tawby, thanks for playing with me. Being with you is the greatest joy I have on the leaf GreenHornz, it's my pleasure. Not too far now! Okay GreenHornz, you make the rules this time. Okay, let's aim for the hood of that old Chevy truck. We fling 4 pellets per shot and the frass must remain on the hood to score a point. First one to 16! I taught you well GreenHornz, that is my favorite game. We should get two points if it lands on the windshield wiper. That's fine by me smiled GreenHornz! As a matter of fact, let's get three points for landing one on the door handle. Okay little feller let's get ready to Fling some Frass. Wow, this is the most exciting game I've played on the leaf, shouted GreenHornz. Hold on GreenHornz! Look! Here comes Nanny Gann, she is getting in the truck. You've got to be kidding me shouted, GreenHornz! Well, it looks like we will have to take a rain check on that round. I know what we can do Tawby, let's see who can eat the most leaves without pooping. Do you remember what happened the last time we did this? Yes, that is why I want to do it again. Well junior start eating those leaves, let's do it!  Chomp Chomp Chomp Chomp Chomp Chomp Chomp Chomp Chomp Chomp Chomp Chomp Chomp Chomp Chomp Chomp

Kelsey Poo Poo and Carla Catawba have a pooping contest, again!...

Early one spring morning Hermon's alarm clock started ringing. Time to go fishing! Ol Hermon eagerly hopped out of bed, and after stretching, grabbed his fishing pole and headed out the door. Around the same time, Kelsey Poo Poo and Carla Catawba decided to have another Frass Flinging adventure! Hermon stepped out side and took a deep breath of the fresh spring air.  With his fishing pole in his hand, all Hermon needed now was a few handfuls of Nanny's prize catalpas.  He walked down the hill a bit and then over to the barn and propped his fishing pole on the branch of a catalpa tree. Carla Catawba yelled Hermon is the target and I get to go first! Baaam, direct hit! One to ZERO smiled Carla Catawba! About that time, Hermon looked up high in the tree and saw some of the fattest catalpa worms he had ever seen.  He knew that if he could get his hands on some of those catalpas he would have a fish fry tonight. Without any hesitation, Hermon went into the barn. I can't stop laughing declared Carla Catawba, I'm in the lead, I'm in the lead! Oh Carla, you're the best friend any worm ever had! Hey look! Here comes Ol Hermon back for some more Frass Flinging. Okay, Poo Poo, it's your turn. Frass Con alert yelled Kelsey Poo Poo, Hermon has the Frass Flinger in his hand!  Poo Poo and Carla started climbing to the top of the tree as fast as possible because they knew Hermon was going to shake the morning dew off the catalpa leaves. Cling on Carla! Whoa---That was close! "Cling to the leaves" shouted Poo Poo. So much for this Frass Flinging adventure Carla, you win, I'm crawling in this hole until the Frass Flinger is back in the barn! Me too!


TawbyWorm and GreenHornz have a Frass Blasting Contest!  Again...

"C'mon GreenHornz" said Tawby! Were going fishing! This is our big chance to spend a day off the leaf and if were lucky set the record for landing the biggest fish. Huh! "What's a fish" said GreenHornz.  Let's just say a bad day fishing is better than a good day in the Nest! Hey Lance, what's up cuz, you going for another record? Yep! I'm going for a 100 lb catfish! Cool! Well my fellow frass flingers, said Tawby, we better hurry, it's about 70 leaves to the bottom. On three we jump for Hermon's tub. One, two, th---"wait" shouted GreenHornz! That is a long way down! Are you sure you want to go fishing? Crawl up on my back GreenHornz and hold on! Okay, Tawby I have a good hold! Ready Lance? Yep! One, two, th---"wait" shouted GreenHornz! I'm scared! It's ok little feller, you'll get a few bumps  and scratches along the way! I think you'll have a blast! You can earn a stripe if your able to launch a little Frass Gas during the flight. Tawby can really light it up on the way down! Ready Lance? Yep! Okay, three!  "It's a long way to the bottom" screamed GreenHornz-----Whoaaaa-Crash!!! Tawby, you alright? Never better! Look! I have a strip! I have a strip! Look Tawby! Let's skip fishing and do that again!  I have a strip! Well now, look at you, a frass flinger for sure! C'mon junior, bouncing off of that last leaf kept us from landing in the tub. Crawl back on, we have to hurry. Hey Tawby, your pretty fast! Giddy up boy! YeHawww, GreenHornz has a strip! GreenHornz has a strip! Look Tawby! Lance made it in the tub! I'm glad you made it in the tub shouted GreenHornz, we're on our way.  Look Lance, I got my first strip! That is awesone GreenHornz, congrats to you little dude! You'll be blasting your frass before you know it! You fellers better hurry up cause Hermon is coming this way! Almost there GreenHornz! YeHawww declared GreenHornz, all the way to the inside of the tub. "This fishing stuff is real fun" said GreenHornz! Why are we in this tub! Because were gonna catch a big fat catfish for Hermon. He's our Tawby Farmer! He works on the trees all of the time and he even catches some of the Parastoidz. It is a great honor to land a record fish for him. ...hours later....on the river! Were gonna catch a big one! Were gonna catch a big one! tbc......


Kelsey Poo Poo and Carla Catawba have a pooping contest, again!

  ...Hey girlfriend, what say we have a pooping contest tonight! Another pooping contest said Kelsey, I'm all pooped out! I say we go to sleep tonight, the boys are going down to the volcanos!.


TawbyWorm and GreenHornz have a Frass Blasting Contest!  Again...

Hey Cuz! Let's have a frass blasting contest, let's see who can flip the most frass in the Tawby Tub. The shot has to bank off of the side of the barn, said Lance! Dude, I lost enough frass fighting the Whisperz to last a couple of moons, I gotta get some more frass or I'm Ant meat, said Tawby! Two moons later! Much better Tawby, how many leaves did you eat dude? Let's just say, I'm ready for a little frass blasting tonight! You ready said Tawby? Yep, I'm ready Cuz! How bout you GreenHornz? I was born ready! Time to earn your stripes little dude, said Tawby! Wake up the Frass Force Cuz, cause we ain't banking frass pellets off the barn tonight. You can fill that Tawby Tub up in a few more moons! We be going down to the volcano's to spread a little Frass and Frass Gas! It's time for a little Frass Blasting 101-Tawby Style! Sound the Alert Lance! Frass-Con Alert! Frass-Con Alert! What is Tawby Style shouted GreenHornz! Sorry little dude but you gotta see this to believe it. G' Evening my fellow Frass Flingers!  Everybody say hi to GreenHornz! HOWDEEEEEEEE------------------ replied the Frass Force! Tonight is the little feller's first crawl to the volcano's so let's make sure he gets in on the action, said Tawby! Lance shouted, I got ya back little dude! What are we going to do, said GreenHornz! Ready Lance? Yep! THREE, JUMP screamed Tawby!  Yeeeeehaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww! ...on the ground...Hey Cuz, everybody okay! Were good! C'mon my feller Flingerz, we gotta crawl across the garden to get to the volcano's. What's a valcano said GreenHornz? Lance, you wanna let him in on this one? Alright little dude, here's the scoop...The volcano's are where the picnic ants sleep. So, I guess you could say that this is kinda like an ambush. What's an ambush? Boy, you are green, ain't you? An ambush is a surprise attack? What's a surprise said GreenHornz? Tawby spoke up and said that little flinger can ask a million questions in one moon! Okay, no more questions from GreenHornz on this one, he's gotta see it to believe it. Okay everybody, were almost there. Alright, little feller, I said I had your back on this one so crawl on up here. I'm up Lance! Now listen up GreenHornz, we only get one shot at this so you have to move fast and blast all of your Frass and Frass Gas at the same time. As soon as you do, follow the flinger in front of you and go as fast as you can back to the tree. I'll be blasting a lot more frass than you so I will catch up to you shortly. Okay Lance, what are we blasting our frass at? We're filling up the volcano's little dude! What a game declared GreenHornz! Life on the leaf can be a blast can't it Lance? Yep, it's definitely a blast, a Frass Blast! This will keep the picnic ants off of the trees for at least one moon. Come morning, the volcano's will be as hard as a rock! So, this is Frass Blasting Tawby Style, this game FLINGS Tawby, shouted GreenHornz! Go Tawby, Go Tawby, Hey! Hey! Go Tawby! Go Tawby, Go Tawby, Hey! Hey! Go Tawby! Dude, Tawby is reaking, BLAST it Cuz! Go Tawby! Go Tawby, Hey! Hey! Go Tawby!









Now that's a little frass blasting: Tawby Style!

....look Tawby, I got another stripe!


Come on GreenHornz, follow this limb to more FRASS BLASTING 101: Tawby Style that is!

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