KJ's hand tied Tawby Worms!
Kelsey tying Tawby Worms

 Tawby Tankerz!

Welcome to the on-line cocoon of KatawbaWormz! Online order coming soon!

                     FOR SALE! 100% Pure Catalpa Worms-Frass Included!                    

            Tawby TNT   catalpa worms       Frozen Frass Blasterz   Another One of Nanny Gann's Worms!    Tawby Worm Tackle Tub

   Live/Frozen Catalpa/Catawba Worms for Sale!  Local: Snow Lake, MS         (Tawby Worm Tackle Tub) (The Frass Blaster) (KatawbaWormz Cooler) \available@ Nanny Gann's online Tackle Box!                Tackle Box   

Word on the leaf! You can't become a Sphinx by remaining a caterpillar your whole life!

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